Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Truth About Curls Products by Paul Mitchell

It's true, i have been a bit away from the blog again and i feel really bad...Unfortunately once again this last week work took up most of my time and made me really tired so didn't have time to share with you any post. I tried to combine it with the a bit of exercise and go out once but that was hard! Also winter is here with the first snow that made me feel more without energy. Anyway now i am back and i promise to be present more since i missed it so much! 

Today i though i share with you something that came with my PinkBox October as one of the products in there. I will give you some information about the Paul Mitchell kit "The Truth About Curls" and the use i made of it the last weeks.

When i first saw this small package in my PinkBox i had mixed feelings. On the one hand i was happy since i knew about Paul Mitchell Products but never really tried them, but on the other hand not sure whether i would be able to use those since they are specific for curly hair (and mine are just wavy). So i left it in my bathroom and forgot it for a while. One morning as i was in a hurry packing my stuff for work and the gym i noticed that i was out of shampoo for the gym and instead of taking the one from home i decided to pack with me the small Paul Mitchell box and try it!

Inside the box there are 3 small products, a shampoo, a leave in treatment and a cream gel. I used all of them 2-3 times now (the product size is small so not enough for many applications) and i am giving you my opinion about them! Let's see!

The Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo was the first in the row. I like the smell, strong but really nice and the texture of the shampoo. Since my hair are long i had to apply a lot to get the foam all over my head but that was ok. After washing it off my hair were smooth, a lot more wavy than usual and easy to detangle. After the shampoo i always apply a wash off conditioner and i was a bit dissappointed that it was not included.

I continued though with the second product of the box, the Full Circle Leave In Treatment, a bit afraid that my hair will be greasy and not easy to brush afterwards. I applied a small quantity in all my hair and suddenly i felt happy: the smell is just perfect, strong and distinct but really nice. And my hair had acquired nice waves that i never get with any other shampoo. I had to use the hairdrier since i was going out on cold but still without brushing them my waves remained intact and didn't frizz at all! 

As a last step i applied the Ultimate Wave Cream Gel to form better the waves and keep them until next day. Here the smell is not obvious and the texture is really not greasy at all. My waves had volume and were soft and it was just perfect!

The next day i woke up and tried to see whether they will still look the same and yes they were! My hair had nice structured waves, volume and no greaze at all. Also the smell from the leave in treatment was still there and they didn't frizz so all that made it even better! And for those reasons i kept using those products until the tubes are almost empty!

All in all i was really happy that i had a chance to try those products even if i don't have curls but only waves and i will definately want to try more of Paul Mitchell's products now, especially the one's for blond hair and straight hair!It was a nice experience and soemthing different for my always straight hair!

Have you tried any of those products and what do you think?

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