Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Bag of Empties!

Today i noticed that my empties bag is quite full so i decided to show you what i used the last 2 months! So let's see what my small bag has in there!

1. Garnier Natural Beauty Shampoo Olive Oil and Citrus : used it for the first time, liked the smell and it is good for damaged hair, although in mine that are really dry wasn't so effective.

2. Garnier Natural Beauty Conditioner Olive Oil and Citrus : same as the shampoo, unfortunately didn't leave my hair soft afterwards and needed to use a lot everytime.

3. Garnier Natural Beauty Shampoo Argan Oil and Cranberry : suitable for colored hair or with highlights. I really liked it, the smell is really good and my hair were looking great after using it regularly. I definately recommend it!

4. Garnier Natural Beauty Conditioner Argan Oil and Cranberry : complementary to the shampoo, left my hair soft and my blond hair colour was looking bright and really nice. This and the shampoo will be soon repurchased.

5. Nivea DeodoranĪ„ Pure Invisible : this is one of my favorites deodoranĪ„ and i regularly buy it. It keeps me protected for a whole day and it doesn't leave any stains on my dark clothes. Enjoy using it every day!

6. Nivea Pure Wash Off Everyday Gel : i have mentioned here how much i love this product! Of course the day it finished i immediately replaced it!

7. Dove Deep Nurishing Body Wash : another all time favorite mentioned before here. I will repurchase this next week since i need it in my bathroom!

8. Fa Body Shower Cream & Oil with Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil : i am a fan of Fa body showers and i practically have tried all i can find here in Switzerland. This has a very special and warm smell and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated, while it comes in a great price!

9. Fa Body Shower Luxurious Moments with Black Amethyst and Pink Viola : another Fa body shower, this time more romantic and luxurious. Of course i loved it and found it again a great value to quality product. For a bit of relaxation and luxury in your everyday life is great! 

10. Yves Rocher Face Peeling with Apricot : one of the two Yves Rocher products mentioned here but with its previous packaging. If you haven't tried it then you miss a lot!

These were my empties for the time! As you see mainly hair and body products since those were the one's i used up the last months. As for make up products i didn't really finished any since in the summer holidays  i got rid of everything that was empty or didn't need any more and now i have quite a lot of full packages!

Hope you enjoyed the post and let me know what are your beauty empties!


  1. Hey there new follower here! Happy Monday!

  2. That's quite a big empties post. I also really like that Nivea deodorant. :)

    1. I had them for about 2 months aside so there were a lot together! :)