Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Flormar Quartet Compact Eye Shadow

Two weekends ago i was spending my time in Geneva and on Saturday morning i was as usual in the main shopping street downtown walking and doing some window shopping. Passing by Douglas, the cosmetic shop in Switzerland, i noticed that they had a 20% off so of course i had to go in! Apart from all the already familiar make up brands i noticed one that i didn't know, Flormar. I wanted to try something from them but didn't have enough time to choose several products so i decided to begin with one product. And of course i chose one that i really find important, eye shadow.

The 20% off was not needed for the specific eye shadow small palette. I noticed that Flormar products are low budget make up products, with relatively low prices but with good quality from what i found out later. The eye shadow palette comes in a cute, pink, round packaging with a lot of product in it (14gr). I chose the brownish colors since that is what i am wearing most of the times everyday.

There are two light shadows,white/yellow and pink and two dark brown with a bit of glitter, but not really obvious when you apply it in the eye. They have a really compact texture, they are soft, easy to apply and a small amount is enough for a nice color. Also, they last all day and are easy to remove with a normal make up remover. I think that they are good value for low price (costed without the 20% off 6.50 CHF) and i started using them almost everyday for my morning makeup, since they fit perfectly to my needs.

I tried to make swatches of all the colors to show them to you, don't know how good they look here (upper photo without flash and lower photo with flash) but they are relatively intense when you apply them. Apart from brownish shadows there was also a palette with blue shadows and one with grey/black shadows in the collection.

And since i didn't know Flormar company i did a small search. I found out that it was founded in 1970s in Milano and moved all the production in 1979 in Turkey. They have stores in several countries around the world, among them plenty in Europe. Unfortunately there is no Flormar shop in Switzerland but you can find the products in Douglas stores (www.douglas.ch) and for Greece there are stores in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra (according to their website and i definately remember one shop in Monastiraki). If you need more information about stores and products have a look at www.flormar.com

My first impression from the eye shadows i tried is positive and i will definately try more products from that company soon!

Did you know Flormar and their products? Have you ever tried any? I am waiting for your impressions!


  1. Those look really nice! I have never heard of the brand before though.


    1. They are really good! I didn't know the brand either and now i want to try more! :)

  2. Wow these swatch pretty vibrantly. Never heard of them before.

    1. Yes they do! And they are longlasting! Just found them in the stores! :)