Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Everyday hair styling products

I am one of those girls that i like my hair straight and that is what i try to achieve every morning in a little bit of time. Unfortunately my hair are a bit wavy and sometimes they can look really bad, especially when there is humidity (worse nightmare) and where i live humidity is almost present every single morning. For that reason i had to come up with a routine and with a bit of help from two products i achieve pretty fast my all day lasting straight hair!

My alliances for everyday goodlooking straight hair are the L'oreal Elseve Aqua Serum Keratine Liss and my favorite Wellaflex Hair Spray by Wella and i am really happy to have them on my side. 

I have been using the Aqua Serum for about 2 months now and i find it really useful as a product. It has a gel texture and nice smell and it doesn't stick to the hair. Also after applying it my hair don't get grizzy at all. It is a great fighter against humidity and frizzing and price wise was really cheap. Unfortunately i think it might not be available yet in Greece, since i saw that the whole keratine shampoo line from L'Oreal arrived a while ago but i will do my search once i am back for holidays. In case you actually come across it i would definately recommend it!

The Wellaflex hairspray is an old time favorite and been on my side for more than 5 years now. I try different hairspray but this one seems to fit perfectly with my needs. I normally use the ultra strong hold or the extra strong and most of the times i buy the one for colored hair or for heat creations. This time i tried the Form and Finish for glowning hair and ultra strong (number 4) and i really liked it. This package is the design edition and bought it from Germany. It is a hairspray that stays in the hair and holds your hairstyle while the hair glow. Also it comes with a nice smell and price. I haven't found it in Zurich but recently saw it in Geneva so hopefully will be around here soon.In Greece it has been around for many years now.  

My morning routine consists of applying a small dose of serum in wet hair, blow dry them and straight them with the help of a brush and the hairdrier (i avoid straightener devices if not necessary) and then finish the hairstyle with a bit of haispray.And it works fine for the whole day! 

What is your everyday hair routine and have you any products you use often?

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