Monday, October 07, 2013

My all time classics

There are some products i consider really important for me. I talk about those that when they finish i immediately want to go and buy again, those that i always need to have and i ask even other people to bring me, those that when i compare them with other products they still win! I consider them "all time classics" and i decided to start this series and share them every once in a while with you! The first two products are beauty related and they are my favourite!!

The first one is my every day cleanser from Nivea. It is the " Pure Effect Wash Off Gel'' and i have to admit that i love it! I use it for a long time now, about 3 years i think and i cannot live without it. It is essential for my every day face cleaning routine and is the first thing i pack when i go away from home for longer than one day. It has a great texture, it washes off easily with water and it leaves my face fresh and clean. Also it is not expensive (around 7.50 chf in Switzerland and 6 euros in Greece) and the bottle lasts for 2 moths with almost every day use! 

Pure Effect Wash Off Gel (200ml), Nivea

My other all time classic product is a nail polish remover i discovered two years ago and it was love at first sight. It is the Bain Dissolvant Express Nail Polish Remover from Sephora. It is a bit expensive (around 8 euros) but is really practical and removing nail polish was never easier. The bottle has a sponge and only thing you need to do is to put the finger in for about 15 seconds and the nail polish is completely removed. Pure magic! This is one of the products i either buy always when i go back to Greece or i ask from friends to bring me from France or Italy if i cannot go myself, since i don't find any Sephora here in Zurich!

Bain Dissolvant Express Nail Polish Remover (75ml),Sephora

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