Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hair mask ''Le petit Marseillais''

Washing, drying with hair dryer, use of straightener and style products and dyed blond = hair disaster! My poor hair go through a lot every day so they need special care and apart from mild shampoo and conditioner they need 2 times per week a  hair mask. Since i am a person who enjoys trying new stuff i tried many hair masks, some of them good some of them bad (at one point i will try to post a battle of hair products) and now i found a new love...the hair mask from ''Le petit Marseillais''.

I have to admit that i only tried body products from ''Le petit Marseillais'' which they were perfect but i wasn't familiar with their hair products. I was in the store a bit ago, trying to choose a hair mask and I was looking to get something that i haven't already tried. Suddenly i saw this nice orange/yellow package, read that is a hair mask for dry damaged hair like mine and bought it to see what it will look like! 

I am really happy with my purchase. It is a mask with karite' milk and honey, it needs to stay in the hair only 3 minutes and it smells fantastic. My hair felt really light and soft and the next day they were completely hydrated. Also they were easy to style and smooth and nice smelling the whole day! I used it so far several times and is one of the products which i will definately buy again. Now i am intrigued to try other hair products from Le petit Marseillais and i am thinking that my next purchase will be the hairshampoo and conditioner.Stay tunned!

 The "Masque soin au lait de Karite' et miel" from Le Petit Marseillais,
300ml (around 8 chf in Coop)

Just a small advice: be carefull not to eat your hair, because this mask smells incredible and like a tasty dessert!

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