Thursday, October 03, 2013

Budget Makeup Products

It is always the same with me and shopping beauty products : i go for a specific thing i need and i buy a whole bunch of stuff. This time I was in need of a new every day make up and i ended up with several new products from Catrice and Essence. I got the chance to try them out those days and so i though i will present them to you!

I started with the main thing i was aiming for, the everyday make up. I tried a lot but gave a chance to this All Matt Plus Make up from Catrice. It gives me nice coverage which stays all day and it feels really light, something that i like for my "go to work" make up. I also loved the matt feeling!  

All Matt plus Shine Control Make Up, 020 Nude Beige, Catrice Cosmetics

 What i also wanted to try was a good concealer. I wake up early every day, i am in the middle of a workload and in the mornings, with my pale white face the dark circles under the eyes look bad. So i bought the All Round Concealer from Catrice, which has 5 different colorous, for red spots (green), for black circles (red) and for covering spots (brown in 3 shadows). I already tried it and is been my favourite  so far, a good budget replacement for my Yves Roche concealer!

  All Round Concealer,Catrice Cosmetics 

I found this cute autumn color nail polish from Essence and i just couldn't resist buying it! Unfortunately i wear gloves at work several times per day and that is not really good for my manicure but still i try to get a nice colour on my nails once in a while! This one from Essence was just perfect and i loved the texture and the really easy application. It did survive for some days and is one of my favourites from my collection for now!

Nail Polish Colour and Go, 130 What's my name, Essence
The last thing i bought was something i wanted a long time now but couldn't find one that it won't be really expensive. I was searching for an eyeshadow base, and when i saw the one from Catrice i had to give it a try... It was in a good price and it seems to work really good! My eyeshadow doesn't disappear during the day and the base has a nice texture and is easy to apply! It has become an important tool for my everyday make up! 

Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base, Catrice Cosmetics

Do you have low budget products that you used recently and what do you think for Catrice and Essence?

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