Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bettina Barty Body Butter

Today i want to talk to you about one of my favourite body butters the "Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom" from the German company Bettina Barty. You can always find it in my body product collection and in a small jar that i refill, in my gym bag.

Σήμερα θέλω να σας μιλήσω για ένα αγαπημένο προιόν το "Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom Body Butter" από τη γερμανική εταιρεία Bettina Barty. Υπάρχει πάντοτε ανάμεσα στα προιόντα σώματος στο σπίτι και μια ποσότητα σε ένα μικρό βαζάκι στην τσάντα του γυμναστηρίου.

I find this body butter really interesting. The texture is rich, a bit more than other body butters i have tried, but still is really supple and easy to spread in the body. It is moisturizing, refreshing and leaves your skin soft and smooth, even the next day. 

The combination of rice milk and cherry blossom gives to the skin a gentle, longlasting fragrance that will make you feel totally relaxed.

I got to know this product by a friend of mine only when i moved here is Switzerland. It is her favourite body butter, she bought it as a Christmas present for me last year and from that day on it has a special place in my favourite product list!

The package is a 400 ml beautiful jar which i find really nice and re-usable. In case you want to have some of this body butter always with you do what i do : transfer some product with a spoon in a small jar and keep it always in your bag so that you can use it when you want to freshen up during the day!

Bettina Barty Body Butter, 400ml, 9.50 chf in Coop Switzerland


  1. Oh, I love body butters, and this one looks lovely! Great post. New follower from the blog hop :)

    1. Thanks a lot and welcome to the blog! It is really good body butter! Thanks for following! :)

  2. This sounds really nice. I'm a moisturizer addict, and am now wondering if there is any way to find this in Canada! I like your blog, would you mind very much taking a look at mine as well?


  3. It is a really good product and maybe you are lucky enough to find it in Canada! Thanks a lot for stopping by and see you around! :)