Sunday, October 27, 2013

All time classic Dove and their Self Esteem project

Today is time for another product on my all time classic series, combined with some information about the brand and their goal. For this post i picked one product from the magic world of  body showers. But before i reveal my favorite i want to talk to you about something really important that is behind the Dove brand. I am a big fan of them not only because they make great products, but also because they have started a really great campain i want to share with you.

In 2004 the Dove Self - Esteem Project was initialized as a way to help women all over the world to embrace their characteristics, gain self-esteem and see themshelves beautiful. Most of the girls, from an early age, live under the pressure of stereotypes, growing up with low self esteem and believing that they are not beautiful enough, sometimes loosing their ability to live their lives as they would want. Dove saw that and tried through their campains from the media to make woman understand that you don't need to have a skinny body or perfect characteristics to look beautiful. Every woman is pretty no matter what and we should always remember that and be confident! Now in collaboration with parents and experts they developed education products and fun activities that will teach young girls to be confident and free from the beauty anxiety.

There are fliers, online tools, information as well as articles related not only to the self esteem project but also to how we can all be beautiful from the inside out and gain our self esteem!

I encourage you to have a look in their webpage and help them achieve their goal...make every woman believe in their true beauty!

As far as their products is concerned there are several that i really like using but one has stolen my heart. It is the one product that i have to have at all times and i always buy it. I am talking about the great Dove Deep Nurishing Body Wash, a classic Dove product. I think is luxury in a great price.

I believe it is impossiible not to like that product if you try it. First of all it has a great texture, a really plain and discrete smell and great moisturizing capabilities. A small amount and leaves your body hydrated and smooth. I like that it doesn't stick as other shower cremes, it is nourishing and is usable throughout the year, winter when your body needs to protect from the cold and summer when you need to hydrate it because of the sun.

For me this body shower is the one that i always go back when i need a break from the instensive scent of the others i use, for feeling relaxed and also for when i am homesick...for some reason it gives me great comfort and calms me down a lot.

Hope you check out their program and also let me know what is your favorite Dove product!


This post represents my opinion, ideas and research i did. I was never approached from any company, nor was i asked to advertise their products and programs. I like their campain and i wanted to share it with all of you.


  1. I also love this product :)

    1. It is really good and always a classic! :)

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    1. Thanks Bella! I will let you know soon about the guest post! :)

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